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Domain & hostings are the most important part of website, through which an internert user accessess websites. Alongside with marketing and promotions, Digianss provide Domain and hostings also.

Before purchasing any domain and hostings for your website, you have to know about it. Domain is basically the name of your website, which though any internet user reach to your website, whereas, Hosting is that thing, where our website loads. It is very important to choose a right domain while creating a website.
Importance of domain and hosting for a website-
* It is used For showing any website on Internet.
* Web hosting is a kind of service which provides you facility of uploading your website on Internet.
* Every website needs an unique domain name for the identity of a website.
* It also makes it easier for your web visitors to remember your site’s name.


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Importance of Domain & Hosting

You can't make or create a website without domain and hostings, as we said, it is skeleton of website. Many users trusts on our domain and hostings for creating their thoughts online. Digianss helps you to get a perfect domain name and hostings for your website.